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Pretty, Inspiring Pergola Ideas for your Toledo area Yard

Pretty White Pergola


From shade to structure, pergolas are a great way to add beauty and function to your Toledo area yard.  These pergola ideas and yard solutions offer helpful tips and tricks for you to find our own pergola designs, pergola plans, and inspiration and bring character to your Toledo area outdoor space.

Working with the Landscape

Oftentimes there’s a natural spot for a pergola, but there are landscape elements that are essential, too. Luckily, the flexibility of pergola designs allow tweaks and it could be built around it.

Pergolas as Transitions

Some pergola designs are more decorative than they are functional. A pergola could be utilized to accent a home. Textural materials on the exterior could repeat in the pergola; thus creating a structure that offers a welcoming transition between home and deck areas.

Integrate with a Patio or Deck

A pergola can stand on its own, but it can also work well with another outdoor structure such as a patio or deck. Its placement can help delineate traffic or use zones, such as a seating area.

Open and Shut Sides

Although many pergolas have four open sides, there are options to increase seclusion on one or multiple sides. A pergola could use three trellises on one side, a detail which maintains the pergola’s connection and openness to the landscape.

Hardscape Transitions

Pergolas are a good way to ease transition from house to other hardscape amenities –such as both pool and outdoor kitchen receiving shading structure. One can space the pergola’s roof boards as needed to shield the sun.

Pergolas as Accents

Space constraints may limit how much of a pergola you can include in an exterior space. But even a smaller pergola design such as this can help to accent a home’s patio, providing an interesting backdrop to an otherwise boring exterior facade. A trellis could offer a pretty and secluded backdrop for the seating space.

Material Magic

Fabric can be a useful accessory in pergola designs, especially to shield the space from sunlight or unwanted views. To provide flexibility in the enclosures, consider fabric with your Ann Arbor pergola.

Pergola Meets Arbor

A little bit pergola, a little bit trellis, a little bit arbor, this style of charming structure blends in the best of those three hardscape items to create a lovely. Narrow seating nooks offer restful spots, while the pergola-arbor’s overhead spacing offers room enough for a flowering vine.

These pergola ideas are perfect for your smaller outdoor space in Toledo or Ann Arbor.  Be sure to visit Signature Decks and find out which solution is the best for your yard.