Signature Decks, a Toledo area outdoor living specialist that began in 2005, is a new dealer of StruXure Outdoor products. These StruXure pergolas will not only improve the look of your property, but their strength can match the artistry!  When Florida experienced Hurricane Irma (a Category 4 storm), almost every StruXure pergolas in Irma’s path made it through perfectly intact; the StruXure pergola technology can sense and adapt to inclement weather on its own!

StruXure’s products are simple, elegant and sophisticated – a perfect addition to the offerings of Signature Decks. Signature Decks’ approach to deck design has created amazing outdoor spaces that connect seamlessly to the indoors. The dedication to their craft and service provides a breathtaking product and StruXure is the perfect fit to these standards.

StruXure Outdoor is a louvered roof system. Offering shade and rain protection just like a porch cover – or sun when you want sun. That is what makes StruXure Outdoor so unique. No other pergola or roof cover can do all three! It is built entirely with powder-coated aluminum – so it is a far more low maintenance option than wood pergolas or traditional roof covers. Another benefit is that it will not darken your house in winter when you do not want to lose the light. StruXure Outdoor makes for a simple tie into existing structures vs traditional roof covers. The benefits to StruXure roofs are endless!

StruXure are manufactured entirely in the U.S.A. We use recycled aluminum and stainless steel components to give our customers a low maintenance product that they can enjoy for many years to come. StruXure roofs were specifically designed to be more durable than their competitors were. The StruXure system is engineered for high winds and heavy snowfall.

StruXure’s roof system comes in many styles and colors allowing us the ability to compliment any home, business or landscape. The StruXure outdoor roof design allows you to adjust the louvers from 0 degrees to almost 180 degrees so you can control the sun, wind and rain.

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